I live for this shit. I tried to embed this vid last week, to no avail, but now it's a go. If you haven't already stumbled upon it fifty other times this week and need your heart warmed a few degrees (if only it would work for my toes), then check it.

Speaking of my thawing toes (I had to go there), they were in so much pain during this morning's negative 30 commute that I couldn't help but feel very sad for those unfortunate people who get lost and stranded on mountaintops (or under overpasses). The feel of a few measly frozen toes was almost unbearable, so just imagine the frozen ascent into the rest of the body... agonizing! I hereby add "freezing to death" to the long list of ways I really never wanna go out.

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Star Kicker said...

There are 45 dead bodies still lying on Mt. Everest.

No further comment from NOLA.