"Don't Waste Your Words"

"... I don't need anything from you."

One of the long-awaited results of my ongoing organization efforts is now having all CDs that still patiently await ripping accessibly located, sorta in order of ripping importance, and well on their way to the iPod. Thanks to D, who's already put a hefty dent in the pile, my ears have already been invaded by many worms that hadn't stopped in for a chat (ok, soliloquy) in some time. It's a lot like meeting up with an old friend and submerging yourself in a pool of nostalgia and ketchup. As in catch up. Like where was I then, where am I now, in all that's passed has all that much changed? Except it's a little more like talking to yourself about all that. Anyhow, just today I got a surprise visit from The (loveable) Stone Roses. Nice to hear from you again, ole chaps.

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