"What You Give is What You Get"

I kinda hate to upset my own sense of balance by posting a second earworm in one day, but I don't feel like putting thoughts to keys yet, and I couldn't very well deny the cosmos, which has been haunting me with this song. Today was the third haunt and, thus, the charm. D and I heard this while waiting in line at J.Crew to return some ill-fated (and ill-fitting) online workwear purchases, D pointing out its unmistakable similarity to (if not direct sample of ) "Taxman." Two days later the same song popped up on one of the CD mixes that had theretofore been hiding in the recesses of my car. And as charming thirds would have it, "Taxman" just now came up on the ole shuffle. So it was and so it is... The Jam with "Start."

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