Six Degrees of Song

I am SOOOO excited to report that I will be seeing The Veils live in October!!! They're playing a small Chicago venue and opening for this guy, Liam Finn. I don't know anything about him yet, except that I'm really liking his song, "Second Chance." play.play.play. Though I firmly believe The Veils should be headlining material, I'll be happy to stick around and listen to Liam. Check out his live performance on Letterman. And wait for Letterman's classic response to Finn's fervor..."Oh my gosh. How 'bout that. Everyone all right??"

Now please pardon another blabsence (fo real) while I take a stab at the piles of procrastination that have grown so scarily large in my periphery they're stealing my neck and giving me anxiety attacks.

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