Earworm du Jour

This is "The Tide that Left and Never Came Back," by The Veils. Probably my favorite musical find in the last year or so, Finn Andrews, the virtual one-man-band behind the "veil" seems to be a bit of a musical genius. This song is off their first album, The Runaway Found ('04), which I had to buy from Japan. Ridiculous, but you do get two extra songs that way. Other songs to check out from that album:

The Wild Son, Guiding Light, Lavinia, and The Leavers Dance. Ok, just check out the whole album. Please.

Then there's their second album, Nux Vomica ('06), with more gems like: Calliope, Advice for Young Mothers to Be, and Under the Folding Branches, just to name a few...

In my layman's opinion, this band is seriously underrated.

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