Cinnamon Girl

You wanna live with a cinnamon girl? What about one suffering cinnamon rage, Neil?

Is it wrong that I was tempted to ring the neck of the lady who made my latte this morning? Is asking for cinnamon really asking for so much? I guess I might as well have asked her to build me a motherfucking house while she was at it. Our exchange went a little something like this:

Me: Oh, scuse me, excuse me. Can I use the cinnamon please? It’s, uh, sorry, not out here. (sweetly)

My friend insists cinnamon is a natural metabolism raiser. I don’t believe it for a second, but I’ve been putting it on my lattes ever since.

Baristadevil: Cinnamon… cinnamon like the powder or cinnamon the liquid? (exasperated)

Excuse me? Cinnamon the liquid? What the? The powder. The one that’s usually out on the fixins tray! Duh.

Me: The powder please. (apologetically)

Baristadevil: Hmm, yeah, I don’t see it. Sorry. (case clearly closed)

Me: O….kay. (incredulously, wearing look of great disbelief)

Defeated, I left sans cinnamon and muttering something to myself about why the hell I can’t get a little effort in the way of reaching for the cinnamon for a four frikin dollar cup of coffee. Particularly when requested so courteously. Too nicely, it seems, since I’m left to write shit like this because I’m still stewing about it hours later. Ok, days later. It happened yesterday.

These damn uppity hipster coffee shops…. Yes, they’re cooler than Starbucks, and their coffee tastes better, and I’ll continue going, damnit. But from now on I’ll order a “medium soy caramel latte with powdered cinnamon, hold the sass." (bitchily)


Startickler said...

You can't beat NOLA coffeehouses. My favorite - rue de la course is full of hipsters who you'd think would just look down their noses at you, but actually are accomodating sweet, and aim to please. (One of them even saves unusual quarters for me for my collection).

Even the yuppity ones are good too. The only attitude their comes from customers.

So, the best fall weather happens during October which is also voodoo fest. I think you should come down.

Startickler said...

PS: Cinnamon IS a metabolism raiser and a liver cleanser. And is always in my coffee - even when it's balck. :)

You're metabolism must have been very slow yesterday.

figment said...

i stand (pleasantly) corrected on two counts. (1) the cinnamon. (2) baristadeville is back in my good graces. she was nice today, and then i felt a little bad. i found the cinnamon myself, she noticed, remembered yesterday and said (nicely) "you found it today! good. it's a nice touch, isn't it?"

consistency would be nice, but look who's talking.

i think october would work really well for a NOLA trip. my sis is coming to chicago (yay!) oct. 8-12. let me know when ya know if there are other weekends that wouldn't work for you. i hear we get our bonuses today, so i should probably try to buy it relatively soon while i've got a little cushion. before my poor money mgmt skills leave me SOL.