There's Something In My Jello

Funny and kitschy cute posters available through Mrsloaf on my beloved Etsy. This reminds me of The Office episode when what's his face put what's his name's stapler in the Jello. That's something one of my coworkers would do if he had all the time in the world. Instead he takes the ball out of my mouse (so I went wireless), puts my cell phone in the ceiling tile and then calls me (so I hide it in my bag), and slams the knob on my door on his way in to scare the living shit out of me (so I hate him). Did I mention he's a partner?


The Lil Bee said...

So cute! I love the orange.

Star Kicker said...

Is this the partner that likes Angela lansbury?

Perhaps you should stage a murder scene in his office.