"I Looked All Around"

"... it was not written down.... and so I'll tell you now... I will always love you... my friend."

This lovely tune by Bill Callahan played in my ear during today's bus ride from the WP to downtown (why is the Blue Line closed every frikin weekend?). Yes, I have to work this pretty Sunday in Chicago, but only for a few hours... and I have as my light at the end of the office hall day 2 of Pitchfork. Yesterday was lots of fun, with the following highlights: curry fries, corn on the cob, perfect company, and a hands-down favorite performance by The National. Yes, gg and I felt undeniable throat lumps during this one... and B downright cried. It wouldn't be a touching performance without a few tears from the buzz.

Ok, off to work so I can get outta here somethin' snappy. In the meantime... "My Friend" goes out to mine (you know who you are).

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