One More Thing

And then, yes then, I'll put full focus on the mound of work floating about in front of me... terrorizing me. So tonight I see the one, the only, The Veils for the second time in the flesh. The first time resulted in a very shy version of myself meeting a couple members of the band and leaving very very pleased (as punch, even) with the show...

It also resulted in the venue where they played stalking me in the months to follow. I made the mistake of filling out one of those "win something!" forms at the door. And admittedly criticized D and his bandmate for NOT filling one out too... why wouldn't they??? Well, I'll tell you why. Because about 2 times per month the Lakeshore Theatre calls to offer me TEN FREE TICKETS! to a no-name comedy show I don't want to see. And they won't let me off the hook 'til I've admitted I don't know 10 people, let alone 10 people I could convince to join me at a shite comedy show. Once I've been made to feel a bit of a loser and a bit of a bitch for rushing to get off the phone, the trauma's over but not without its ripple effect. By the time they call me again, I've forgotten the number, don't recognize it, think b/c it's "312" I might should answer... and am proven wrong, friendless, and thankless. Once again. It's a lovely cycle.

Tonight, however, the show's at the Empty Bottle (cheers), one of my favorites, which happens to be just a couple doors down from the cat I'm sitting this week... and so it's going to be a lovely night of biking to cat, then hoofing to venue where I'll meet my fellow concert goer, getting my veils on, and biking back home... whilst praying I don't get hit by a car.... so i don't damage gg's lovely wheels (nor myself).

photo via thinking about stickers, soph the bassist's blog that gives you a v entertaining glimpse into a young band's life on the road.

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