"There Are Rooms In This House"

"...that I don't open anymore. Dusty books of pictures on the floor."

Contrary to my song choices of late, I'm actually feeling rather chipper. Well, other than yesterday evening's fleeting foray into the blues, which was remedied by finally cleaning up the mess that was my shower... it wasn't the act itself (though it was pretty aerobic) so much as the end product and no longer feeling slightly frightened by the shower corners, which had rapidly gone from that gross fleshy pink to a dark and foreboding shade of... black (cringe of embarrassment & horror). I'm starting to see a trend of laziness in certain areas of my life. Yeah, let's not even get into how long it's been since I took a proper trip to the grocery store. Last evening's dinner consisted of a small can of V8, a pouch of albacore tuna (yes a pouch), a quarter bag of popcorn (microwave's so small the bag gets stuck and only a quadrant of bag actually pops), followed by... a pancake. In a puddle of maple. And I wondered why I felt blue? Yes, my life has reached dizzying heights of... bachelordom. Ok, actually typing this out is making it real and scaring me more than a tad. I mean, I still appear totally presentable, but don't be fooled, some inportant nooks and crannies of my existence have been getting the serious shaft. Changes are in order for the love of god. This weekend. Grocery store. And a pedicure simply to remind myself that I am, in fact, a girl.

So this evening I'm going to Lollapallooza with a virtual stranger. I've never been to a concert with a virtual stranger... I've really never been anywhere with a virtual stranger other than down the pub... and this stranger is a "liberal Muslim," but not so liberal that he boozes. Darnitall, what is it with all the teatotalers I'm running into these days?? Is this a message from the universe? Or just crap coincidence? Is it weird that his use of the words "herpes" and "vaginal" (both) during our last phone converation actually served to somewhat encouraged me? Like, hey this guy might be muslim but he's not so uptight, he uses words like "herpes" and "vaginal." Would your opinion change if I mentioned that he's a doctor? Didn't think so. Well, Kings of Leon are playing the paloooza, as are The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, The Knux, and Depeche Mode (wha? who? yeah ok) to name a few. So pain of experience pending, shouldn't be too hard to lose myself in the music.... Wish me bonne chance, this could get awkward.

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