Old School

These pics really bring back memories. The many libraries of my youth make up a pretty sizeable wedge in the pie chart of my subconscious.... so many research papers written, tests studied for, people eyed through spaces between the stacks, books smelled. My name is Jenny, and I love to stick my face in a book. The older the better. I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of want to go back to school. gg tells me that to go to med school we wouldn't have to go back to get any bio-me credits.... ALL we'd have to do is ace the mcat (yeah, that's all) and *ta da* we're med school bound. Piece o' cake. It would be nice to work in a profession that was inherently satisfying.... a place where you'd have no reservations about what you do.... and if nothing else (though there are other elses) you know for a fact you're helping some folks out. There's only so much one can bemoan their chosen profession before they become completely insufferable to themselves and others, so I'm not bemoaning... I'm just saying it would be nice.
pics by Alex Leme c/o lenscratch

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