What an amazing photographic find. Imagine stumbling upon this. I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off.... or stop imagining the ghosts of the people who once circled the wheel.

Ok, and on an untimely and much less poetic note, this reminds me that I've wanted to complain (somewhere! anywhere!) about an experience I recently had trying to purchase a necklace in the shape of a ferris wheel online. It was so pretty and perfect and reminded me of the boardwalk and summers at the shore. And I was really excited about getting it. I paid $50 to Finch Metal through paypal. I even exchanged emails with Jill from Finch Metal requesting a longer chain, which she obliged (at no extra cost, how nice of her!).

Well, the necklace never came. We emailed again, she said "oh, it must have gotten lost in the mail, because I already sent it. But I'll send you another one." (oh how sweet of her! i thought). I kept waiting, to no avail, ferris wheel necklace never arrived at chez j. So I emailed her again and never ever ever got another response from that sweet Jill lady. True to my lazy form, I didn't complaint to paypal until it was too late to file a dispute, and even truer to my form, I also didn't complain to Bank of America until 62 days after the transaction. Doh, also too late. Would report to Better Business but... well, I'm lazy. So that damn Finch Metal got my hard-earned 50 clams and I never got my pretty necklace. The injustice!!

I've done a lot of online shopping in my day and never has a company charged me and flat out never sent me a product and flat out ignored me after the fact. Talk about the nerve.

In conclusion, Finch Metal ripped me off. Maybe I somehow fell through their cracks, but I'm done giving them the benefit of the doubt. They never responded to my exhaustive (and overly patient) pleas for my necklace and -thereafter- an explanation for the situation. I, therefore, hereby recommend that you NEVER EVER SHOP at Finch Metal.

There, I finally got that off my chest. The irritation of it has been clamped on a rib somewhere in my cage for a few months now. Maybe I can finally stop thinking about it.

photo via ateotl
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Star Kicker said...


it will make you feel a lot better and the BB checks on it frequently.

Barbara Carlson said...

I just googled Finch Metal and got this (on Etsy)...

Uh oh!
Sorry, the user you are looking for does not exist.


Will have another look for it -- and avoid it!

figment said...

thanks for the moral support, ladies! i noticed she was no longer selling on etsy too, but i actually purchased mine from her main site at


E, i'll definitely put a review up on ripoffreport.com. I actually searched for it on the BBB yesterday and it wasn't listed. oh wells.