(Sooner or Later)

"...one of us must know.... that I did try to get close to you."

An old favorite from the vaults. love love love love LOVE the piano that come in at the chorus.

Today I feel like I was run over by a train. Or a sofa perhaps. On account of my parents (and their dingo) coming to visit me (and my dingo) in the shoebox for five nights this Thursday, I bit the bullet and bought a couch that one can actually stretch out on hair-to-toe. I made the final decision to get a new one on Friday (pending the sale of my couch), and by last night my old trusty sofa was en route to a new home with a kind craigslister, and the new one sat in its stead. When I get an idea that's not terribly important, there's no stopping me.

After much scouring for something affordable, I settled on one of IKEA's latest offerings, and I'm quite happy with it. Even though it's a well-camouflaged futon, and it's from IKEA, it makes my apartment feel less miniaturized and a little more maTure (said with a "t" not a "ch"), and it's pretty comfy to boot. Damn, though, people are not kidding when they say that IKEA's assembly can be a real humdinger. There was a decent amount of work that went into putting that thing together. Many thanks to D for getting me out there, figuring out how to stuff it in his car (we rode back like fighter pilots, me directly behind him in gunman position), and helping me put the blessed thing together. Who woulda thunk the storage box would actually be more work than the sofa itself? 'twas, 'twas.

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