Only Stone and Steel

I thought it was going to be the case after seeing Morrissey live, but darn it all if "Years of Refusal" isn't an excellent album. I've had to do a bit of driving for work lately, and I can't seem to eject it to make room for listening to a few other newbies (including The Veils, which is saying a lot). This is a great song and possibly the most well-known from the album, yet it doesn't tower over the others in goodness. I just can't quickly find any other vids of good quality. It's one of those rare albums where I don't find myself wanting to skip over a single song.

I've been tres busy lately with work, visitors, canine anxiety attacks (delicate flower foo), fuming over unjust news, and other general life stuff, hence the blabsence. And not sure yet when things will clear and I'll be done taking pause. Time'll tell.

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Mrs. White said...

LOVE Morrissey, and love this album. And he's so amazing live!