"Between The Click Of A Light"

"... and the start of a dream."

Despite last night's best laid plans to get started with watching Extras, I stayed up til 1 am instead watching Arcade Fire's live performances on youtube followed by terribly unstimulating interviews with the band. And I was dead tired too. Needless to say, I had some real trouble waking up this morning while thoughts of "why oh why?" danced through my head (to the tune of Arcade Fire). I'm just glad that tomorrow I need to stay home (sleep in) for a bit to protect some insurance folks' knees from the dingo while they "inspect" the place for reasons that don't interest me. I wonder, is it wrong to think about going back to bed from the moment you wake up until... the moment you walk out the office door? Because I know someone's going to find her second wind in about, oh, 30 minutes.

Anyway, I haven't listened to Arcade Fire in awhile, but I was reminded of my like for "No Cars Go" (not lyrically fancy, but instrumentally pretty soaring) by a random text I got from my sister last night. I wasn't expecting to be all that impressed by their live performances in light of the vocal weirdness and all else that goes on in the songs, but generally I was. Particularly impressive was their show at Glastonbury in 2007. Although I'm at the point I'd never want to see a band I actually like at a show of that size (pointless, yeah?), I imagine actually performing for that many people *at dusk, no less* would send up the greatest natural high. And I for one kind of got that distant vicarious vibe of their excitement just watching the videos. Oh, to be a rock star* and not just the one who watches them on youtube while lying prone on her bed.

*term used loosely

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Star Kicker said...

I like the "lying prone" to that ending. I don't really want to be a rock star, but I don't know if I would mind "lying prone" for one.