"What Once Was Me"

"...everyone now believes is you. Originality was never big on your list of things to be."

The grammar's a little off and so is the quality of the sound on this vid, but this song is great in a simple old school kind of way. I heard it for the first time last night on the commute home, and it's been on repeat ever since (only to be interrupted by "She Goes To Bed," another good one). D's only recommended Falkner to me, oh, TWENTY times, but I just kept thinking "my mother is a fish" and generally don't latch on to a recommendation until one bops me over the head. Or comes through the speakers attached to my head. Good thing I'm still discovering music already in my possession whilst simultaneously binge-buying new stuff on the cheap. I've been in one of those manic search and rescue phases, which means I'm already set on new bands and albums to explore for at least 6 months. And yet I continue to seek and acquire. It's an addiction, but one I can live with and have every intention of feeding.

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