"Then We Sat On Our Own Star"

"... and dreamed of the way that we were and the way that we wanted to be."

Often a difficult distinction, I daresay.

This video fails to capture the best bits of this song in all their glorious glory... oh me oh my, the dissonance, the horns, the strings, the chorus, the deliberate frenzied plucking at about the 2 minute mark... but *as is usual* it'll have to do. In my desperately unsuccessful search for a more detailed version (really, you must hear the plucking), I did find covers by both Jeff Buckley and Starsailor.

I still declare that when I finally win the lottery I will commission a ballet to Astral Weeks in its entirety. Oh yes. I will. I am so certain the songs on that album were just made for ballet choreography. It would (I mean, it WILL) be gorgeous.

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Anonymous said...

Tell me when your ballet is coming to the Twin Cities area. I'll be glad to see it. Seriously, I think it's a good idea. Nice changes in tone and tempo in a lot of his songs.