In the Clouds

Currently I'm not sitting at my desk as I might appear to be. No, I'm actually hovering over Cloud 999 after scoring tickets to Leonard Cohen's Chicago show on May 6th. Excitement abounds. Eternal thanks to gg for clueing me in on the added date and presale! We both failed the first go 'round, but I wasn't to be fooled again! Thanks too to GTA for helping me see it simply couldn't be missed. She went to his first US date in NYC a couple weeks ago along with only 2000 other lucky souls and came out saying things like "I simply cannot really put into words how freaking incredible it was. The whole night was perfect. It was... soul stirring. Something really weird that just shook me to my core. I haven't FELT like that in so long I don't even remember when...and it was just such a drastic change from reality and everything in my life." I could really use some of that.

quote c/o design crush

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