Tutu Too

Having spent years 3 through 13 of my life in ballet classes, I adore ballet and everything about it. Including the tutus. Put me in the audience at a ballet performance, and part of me is lost while another part suddenly finds the urge to mooove. To sway, to point, to bend, to extend my limbs to the classical rhythm ("no spaghetti arms!"). Did I just say "extend my limbs to the classical rhythm?" I'm kind of embarrassed, but it's that organic. The sensation is a little odd seeing as I've long since lost most of the grace ballet welled out of me. But the love lives strong.

Guess that's why I immediately went to the "ballet" section of Life's new Google photo archive. These lovely photos show ballerinas at George Balanchine's School of American Ballet back in the day (that ballerinas weren't starving themselves). I've only just scraped the tip of the archive iceberg, but I'm guessing it's filled with many gems.

thx to VSL yet again.

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