Head in a Fog

I'd say this accurately sums up my perpetual state of late. But tomorrow (after I've El'd to airport, bused to Alamo, and rental car'd it back home where I'll load up with dingo, luggage and gifts) I'll then begin the 12 hr drive down to N.C. for holiday visiting avec ma famille (et les chiens de ma famille). Solitary road trips usually prove to be a nice head clearing device for me, so the thought of it kinda makes me happy.

Plus it's a great time to listen (really listen) to some music. I'll mostly be rediscovering old favorites this year, barring a desperate highway-side detour to Best Buy. I'm musically unprepared and just hope to high heaven my rental car has an auxiliary input for the iPod. Otherwise I'll have to scramble pre-dozen-hour-drive (not ideal) to find a decent collection amidst the disarray that is my CD bureau. What was once a perfectly alphabetized source of wonder and ridicule (it's convenient, people, not anal) has been a musical mess heap since I moved in to the new place. In April. See, I'm so not anal.

Regardless, the 12 hour drive that might be seen as torture to some is actually something I look forward to each year. If only my stiff neck could say the same.

Happy (and de-fogging) holiday wishes to all!

photo c/o namiko kitaura

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