A Farewell to Two Thousand Eight

And what a personally non-descript (bar the traveling!) year it was. Much more is soon to come from these parts, just as soon as I'm somewhat readjusted to my return to real life post holiday. Boy did I find myself with time to turn my figurative wheels while the Saturn Vue (or "viewy" as my bro called it) turned its real wheels for, oh, NINETEEN hours down to N. Cackalack. Weather was not cooperative. Neither was Boone County, Indiana, which up and decided to close the bridge into Kentucky without informing anyone waiting in her car a mile down the road for, oh, THREE hours. I got a little more de-fogging and music listening time than I'd bargained for. And yet. I'm not exactly complaining. It's been awhile since I've had that kind of time to take pause, and it did me right. More on all that in a bit. 'Til then, a happy new year to all and to 2008 ... a goodnight.

pics c/o the guardian via the end via VSL

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