i second that

after a rough few days with my delicate flower foo (high fever, lethargy, back spasms, chills) i found great peace, nay, elation yesterday afternoon in an answer. turns out he had a severe contact allergic reaction to something, and it was enough to send his body off the deep end. oddly enough, i suspect the culprit is the shampoo, or more likely conditioner, i used to wash him only the day before. see, i knew dogs weren't meant to use conditioner. we only figured out what was going on after the allergy came to the surface and was literally oozing out his back. poor sweet foo. we thought it might be a spinal injury, so this was a huge relief (to the heart, head, and last and yes least... pocket book). now he's on the 'roids and the anti-b's and sporting his accessory of choice (the lampshade, the cone, the elizabethan collar), so he should be back in full foo bidness soon. let's just hope i won't get sacked for not exactly showing up and leaving on time the last few days on account. cause i really need it to pay the bills. oh life....

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