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Barbara Carlson said...

Check out your blog often. Enjoy it v. much. Thanks!
I tried to leave this on the shopping diet post, but couldn't. Will try it here.

I've been "fashion-dieting" for 20 years or more. I have a very few items in my wardrobe and wear the same things in different combinations. Nobody notices, but I do gets comments on how co-ordinated I dress. A new (rare) item has to work with everything else.
I joked with a close friend at one point that I would EITHER have to get new clothes or new friends, and was assured I didn't have to do either.
That my black/grey tank tops were my "signature".
My husband wears the exact same outfit (he has 20 black heavy, buttoned-down collared shirts & two pairs of jeans -- one "good" and one for working in.

We are full-time artists and can't spent time fussing about what to wear. We have better things to do with
our time and have brilliant personalities -- so nobody notices what we wear, really.

figment said...

so inspiring, barbara!

i find it really fascinating that some artists don't feel the need to express their creativity through their fashion. it must free up so much space in the noggin for the other more important and inspiring mediums, yeah?