Tin Underbelly

I'll never not get a massive sense of awe when I watch a big plane take off or land... and when it's right over my head, all the more awe. My uncle was in town a couple weeks ago. He (among many other visitors) is why I've not been keeping up w/ this here blog. That and it's summer (well, it was), which means I'm busy out and about doing things that people who appreciate summer do. But where was I... when my uncle was here he stayed out near Midway for the job he was working on, which had me driving to and fro Midway several times during his stay. It's a depressing ride, to be honest, but for the possibility that one of those big birds takes off or lands just as I'm passing under it in my wee car. My uncle loves planes too (he should, he has to ride in them enough)... and so we were both like two little kids, me saying "awesome, oooh so so cool" and him laughing at my glee, but laughing because he totally got it. It's about the only time this girl would actually strategically slow her vehicle... just for the chance to finagle myself right up under one of 'em. I would not put it past me to drive out there on a Sunday afternoon and park in a nearby stipmall to await the birds coming in and and going out overhead. Goes without saying, then, that these images really struck a chord with me.

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Star Kicker said...

We recently had inter-firm training on aviation law (don't ask), and there were non-stop videos of planes going over that same beach, sometimes only 50 feet over the beachgoers below.

The presentation then ended with one of the planes who cut it a little close and ended up in the water and a series of helicopter crashes.

All in all, that presentation rocked. And not only because of the free lunch.