Pluck Pluck Pluck

I kinda dislike myself when I find these words tumbling out of my mouth. I rarely (if ever) use them to console another person about their downtrodden state, no I wouldn't be that insensitive, but I do find its annoying cadence flowing out of my mouth right after I've finished complaining about something in my own life. A half-assed attempt to remind the poor person listening to me that, well, I know it could be worse. And, see, that makes it ok that I'm complaining about the mind-mushing state of network television while blood curdling atrocities go down, probably not so far down the street from me. Alas, it is what it is. Bah! There's another one... Yes, competing for the most nerve-plucking and overused response in our lexicon of late is definitely "it is what it is." I'm not sure which is worse, though we know damn well it could be worse.
Hmm... someone seems a little irritated today (looks around). I'm back on the pill and so I will surely start to blame every mood nuance on that little patty of hormones I stick down my throat every night. My doctor convinced me to go back on. By convinced I mean she said "hey, maybe you should go back on the pill," and I said... "ok." I'm a real hard sell.

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