Just Like The Comet

Here's a good acoustic version of my favorite song ("Comets") off of an album I like more and more every time I listen to it (Reservoir, by Fanfarlo). I've had it for some time now, but this past weekend it got about as many listens as it takes to fly from Chicago to San Diego and back again. This morning "Comets" got a few more listens on the way into work because I still wanted more. I always meant to post a picture of a little note the drummer, Amos, left on my CD purchase invoice. I'm not sure if it's still this way, but at the time I had to buy the CD through their website, and he wrote something like "thanks for buying our CD. we hope to make it to Chicago some day." I thought it was the nicest personal touch.


hilde said...

Nice song. I'm glad to see you're posting a bit more often again, your blog is one of my favourites.

figment said...

thanks, hilde. how nice of you to say so! i'm trying to get back in the swing... if you like this version of the song, you really must by the album. the recorded version's even more lovely. last i checked you could also buy the album via itunes on the cheap.