Travel Triptych I

2008 has been a year of travel firsts. Lest I forget how fortunate I was to take some tremendous trips c/o my truly wonderful and generous friends, I'm going to do a wee post on each one. Ok, I'd never forget, but I'm still doing the posts.

First up... to escape Chicago's brutal January I was treated to a long weekend in Mexico! About 20 minutes outside Playa del Carmen (thankyouthankyouthankyou to D). Before our trip I would have been an all-inclusive naysayer (where's the make-your-own-adventure?), but now I'm a bonafide YAYsayer. Adventure starts to look a little overrated when you suddenly feel pure relaxation flowing through your veins for the first time since joining the ranks.

The r&r never stopped... waking with the sun, oceanfront massages, Russian card games, jailbreaks, exotic birds, people watching, boat rides, ocean swims, snorkeling, poolbars, patios, teqEEla, bottomless booze, and all-you-can-eat pico de gallo AND guac! All without your wallet?

Sold! (to the pasty girl in the black mumu)

Myth Debunked: You can't drink the water. Not true, IF you're at an all-inclusive (three-cheers for the all-inclusive!)

Offensive Generalization: Mexican men are short.

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