Forgetting Forgiving & Forgetting

Forgive & Forget.


Startickler said...

I'm focusing less on forgiveness than I am on dissipation. That one day all the pain and betrayal will just dissipate and stop torturing me. Like your canoe image my anger just runs out my ears into clear little puddles on the ground. And I keep walking.

I like this idea because: a) I agree that some things might be impossible for some of us to forgive; b) I'm having a hard enough time with my own feelings without worrying about the feelings of the person who didn't bother with mine in the first place; and c) those talk show hosts, Shakespeare and Cervantes never had to deal with our exes.

In short - you, justified. Me, supportive.

figment said...

if forgiveness is, as they say, "a gift to yourself," is giving up on the idea like stealing from yourself? or is it like winning the lotto?

if the latter, my supporters will be the first to benefit :)

Startickler said...

I think masturbation is an excellent example of a "gift to yourself." So, if you miss out on forgiveness there are always other ways to make up the self-giving deficit.

A lot less painless too.