Botton Beliefs


As I get myself back on the renegade path, a few gems of insight from the only tweeter i follow, sir alain de botton.... Great conversations are like beautiful squares in foreign cities one finds at night and then don't know how to get back to in daytime. Work only starts when the fear of doing nothing finally exceeds the fear of doing something badly. Who are we sad for when we cry over the death of a fictional character? Forgiveness depends on a sense that nastiness is an expression of suffering, not maliciousness. Adult love shouldn't be about remembering what it was like to be loved as a child, but imagining what it took for a parent to love us. Laziness in relationships endemic because our earliest experience of love was with people who disguised the work that went into it. Nagging: when we are too exhausted to be able to convince and charm others into recognising the legitimacy of our needs. Faith in man's generosity and open-mindedness rarely survives a scroll down the Guardian's Comments' logs. In 24 hrs, the true self peaks out only in the 10mins before and after sleep. The child smothers the passion from which it emerged; that made its existence possible. Getting to the top has a miraculous ability to persuade people that the system is OK. Hypochondria is just a form of wonder at how improbable it is to be alive. Fewer greater aphrodisiacs than for an attractive woman to say:'for a long time, I've been so lonely' A simple problem of arithmetic: there are far more ambitions than there are grand destinies available. Monogamy is a fine ideal but when someone says of their partner 'I trust them a 1000%,' it's hard not to feel a little depressed. Is that things are OK proof that it was ridiculous to worry - or are things OK only because one worried? So many relationships spoilt by our tendency to become mean when we are in fact hurt. The drugs we really need wouldn't make us high, rather reliably connect us with who we already are at our best. So different are their life experiences, beautiful women and ugly men might as well be classed as different species. When trying to decode weird behaviour of others, think of the simple explanations and basic emotions: fear, envy, guilt... Most projects take so long to work out, life becomes like a song in which someone constantly presses pause. oh Alain, you inspire me so. he's good. he's really really good. annoying that my first post in quite awhile can't get the damn formatting correct. i've only tried about 8 times to get these quotables on lines by themselves. to no avail. annoying. blogspot, this is not a warm welcome back.


Barbara Carlson said...

Welcome back!

I would love to read your posts, but the lack of paragraphs is SO irritating. Sorry.

figment said...

couldn't agree more. contemplating a move to another host...dk if it's related, but been using a macbook and the formatting's been giving me grief since the switch.... workin on it. sorta.