chick or treat

cool, yeah? it's official, GTA and i are gonna be bluebirds for halloween...in NoLa!! couldn't be more excited for some spooky voodooy fun!


Star Kicker said...

Okay, so I have this lovely camoflauge (no idea) dress, and was thinking of being "foliage" since all the rest wold only require some leavage. Can we three have a theme? Like Charlie's Angels except ... like, not stupid.

figment said...

camo dress. i won't ask. but yes this could be perfect! i already went and bought 2 of those bird masks (and shouldn't be the least surprised that it barely fits on my giant head), and the intention is to do up a bird costume (w/ lots of gold glitter b/c... you know, birds are so sparkly and all).. and then when the costume is complete put a big stain on it so we become DIRTY BIRDS. brilliant yeah? and here's the clincher... you in your camo and leaves and twigs can be... THE NEST!! what say you???

Star Kicker said...

Totally and completely in.