marshmallows are the new cupcake

on the rare occasion i got my childhood paws on some Lucky Charms, i was the kid who forced down all the cereal bits as fast as i could to be left with a glorious pastel pool of floating marshmallows. and those hot chocolate pouches... i'd open 2 (maybe 3), pour 1 (maybe 2) through a sifter til only the mallows remained, and greedily add all the marshamallows to my one mug of hot choco. i still remember the day my grandmother introduced me to marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwiches.... cue the Hallelujah Chorus. and the day i watched my first homemade gourmet marshamallow melt into a mug of homemade mexican hot choco...the thing was shaped like a cube for the love of god! cue the heavenly rays of light.

i've always been and still am obsessed with marhsmallows. pull them apart with my fingers til they feel like taffy, toast them over a burner on the stove and pretend it's a crackling fire... you name it, i'll eat it. the obsession has hit a real fevor pitch the last few months as i've rediscovered the underrated rice krispy treat (Starbucks actually has a right good one) and s'mores... i'm confident one or both will soon become the new cupcake. you can only imagine my excitement when i came across this site selling cereal marshmallows all by their lonesome!! brilliant, m'dear watson, brilliant.

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