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i've gotten into oysters lately. first i ate several at a house dinner party where the host had bought them from her "fish guy." they were raw and totally fresh and sans fishy flavors. it was probably the first time i really gave oysters a go (without covering it up w/ so much hot sauce and lemon that there was nary an oyster left to taste). and i dug them. last night i went to naha on a groupon. we tried the oyster appetizer, and though they were briny (as i've learned to describe them), i still LOVED them. it was an instantaneous transport to the seashore. i can see how some might hate that flavor, and how in a certain mood i might not like it so much either, but boy did they ever hit the spot last night. not to mention the softshell crab to follow (f'amazing!) and p's wood-grilled ribeye. i have not had a steak that delicious in a very very long time. in short, if you're in chicago and have some money to spare or something to celebrate, try naha. the ambiance is a bit stuffy for my taste (we were by far the most casually dressed folks there), but the food... to DIE for.

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