any beverage once sold with such a label should be sipped with care... this explains a bit about some of my behavior after failing to use said care whilst sipping on absinthe frappes at violet hour... what a badass advertisement. i'm working on my own collection at the moment... i have a gorgeous absinthe fountain from new orleans, thanks to p, sugar cubes and a filtering spoon c/o gta and her recent n'orleans obsession, and absinthe itself c/o binny's... the only thing left to get are the purty glasses... wonder if one night w/ my collection will leave me resembling this lovely lass....? nah, i could never achieve that tiny waist.

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Star Kicker said...

Um, with all the New Orleans obsessions - why aren't you here yet?? They serve absinthe just down the block.

Oddly enough, your art made me think of Prague where it (I forget the artist's name but I remember it's "l'art nouveau") is EVERYWHERE. Although the "real stuff" has become somewhat watered down in Praha, it always filled me with a secret thrill to see bottles of it displayed in the dusty windows of cheap liquour stores.

I'm not fond of drinking it, but I think you should start your own personal "absinthe journey." :)