"The Boundary Times between Day and Night"

During today's perusal of lenscratch, these photographs instantly stopped me in my Uggs (ugh, I finally caved and bought some. A girl can only handle ice cube toes for so long). They're by Lynn Saville, and she -like me- grew up in Durham, NC, went to Duke for college, and eventually moved on to a bigger city (hers bigger than mine, though it seems she's settled in Brooklyn). These photographs jumped right off the screen and plucked at something inside me... they're images I would see myself and think, "boy this would make an amazing photograph." They're clearly within city scapes and yet at a certain distance. Coincidence, I wonder, that I so relate to her view....or is there sometimes a common taste that's born of being from the same place? Probably coincidence, but now I'm curious about the lady. And her other work.

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