Lay, Lady, Lay

Just back from my annual week in North Carolina. Rental car had xm radio, and though I was too busy being unhealthily obsessed with getting through 6000 songs on my iPod shuffle to enjoy it much, I did catch this song this morn on my way into work. Only because the iPod was safely stowed away in my bag. I still have about 2300 songs to go and am determined to get through them before I'll let myself listen to any one artist. Is that normal. Note that there's not a question mark on the end of that. Anyhow, the white trash video is a pretty funny juxtaposition to the vision I've always had when I hear Bob sing the song. And though I could do without the frosty-lipped porn star girl altogether, you've gotta admit it kinda works.

Back to the grind, so happy it's a short week. Loved being back in NC with my fam, but also happy to be back to Chi. That's a nice combination. Was greeted by a movie-set sparkly snowfall upon my return, and that was a'ight. NYE comin' up. In true fashion, I have no idea what I'm going to do, and I wouldn't have it any other way. No doubt it will somehow involve bellying up to a watering hole. And that's also a'ight.

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